ManchesterCF Mobile AML Training App

The ManchesterCF Mobile AML Training App for iOS and Android smartphones delivers precise anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing training to front-line salespeople, operations and technology functions within a financial institution. Each course within the Mobile AML Training App includes information on financial crime vulnerabilities and red-flag indicators.

To distribute effective training into all corners of a financial institution, enterprise-wide licences of the Mobile AML Training App are available from ManchesterCF. User analytics track completion rates, providing reports to senior management and regulators about the training program implementation.

Correspondent Banking Icon featuring a banking with blue roof and door

Correspondent Banking

The Financial Crime in Correspondent Banking mobile app provides red-flag indicators where correspondent banking operations and products are vulnerable to financial crime.

Trade-Based Money Laundering Icon featuring a shipping crate

Trade-Based Money Laundering

The Trade-Based Money Laundering mobile course analyses patterns of money laundering and terrorist financing within traditional trade finance, open account trade and supply chain finance.

Private Banking Icon featuring a vault door

Private Banking

The Private Banking mobile course reviews how wealth management products and relationships can be manipulated by professional money launderers and the financiers of terrorism.

Capital Markets Icon featuring currency symbols

Capital Markets

The Capital Markets mobile course explores how equity, fixed income, currency and commodity markets can become embroiled in financial crime activity.

Economic Sanctions Icon featuring a globe and a warning symbol

Economic Sanctions

The Economic Sanctions mobile course is designed to instruct front office employees on the methods used to violate sanctions and the consequences of non-compliance.

Corruption Icon featuring a hand reaching for a bag of money


The Corruption mobile course provides an overview of how individuals and organisations place, layer and integrate the proceeds of corruption into the global financial system.

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