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ManchesterCF Analytics
February 2022

Stories, like those told by Robert Mazur in The Betrayal, highlight the ways in which the formal financial system can facilitate the movement of billions of criminal dollars around the world each year. When AML compliance and financial crime risk professionals flag and report suspicious financial activity, it may provide the evidentiary links that undercover agents, like Mazur, rely on to stop those illicit flows and potentially save lives.

ManchesterCF Analytics
November 2021

With the wind-down of events in Glasgow last week, governments around the world re-stated commitments to target net-zero global emissions by 2050. Whether governments are being spurned into action by the cries of the people or by the loud shuffle of investment dollars being withdrawn from companies with vague or poor environmental, social and governance (ESG) records, a renewed focus on sustainable investment is on its way.

ManchesterCF Analytics
September 2021

The central backstory regarding 9/11 is financing. Generally, backstories do not garner a great deal of visibility. When the backstory centres on finance, it tends to be even less visible. That said, without money, the 9/11 terrorist attacks would not have happened.

ManchesterCF Analytics – September 2021

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