CCT (Critical Thinking)

Multinational corporations must ensure that they have a solid compliance regime in place, as well as staff with the requisite competencies to identify and mitigate money laundering, fraud, corruption, and terrorist financing and resourcing risks.

Compliance professionals who have the ability to think critically about the tasks at hand will deliver more precise results with higher levels of efficiency.

This course examines the basic thinking process and develops the skill set required to identify problems, understand environmental factors, generate appropriate solutions and implement those solutions within the workplace.

Emphasis is placed on thinking critically and creatively while making decisions during an investigation. By applying the critical thinking process, risk management and compliance professionals can bring a higher level of focus and insightfulness to their important roles.

The CCT (Critical Thinking) program can be implemented with the following components:

  • Digital textbook
  • Computer-based training (customisable and SCORM-compliant)
  • Examination
  • Multiple languages
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