CCT (Fraud)

For multinational corporations to protect themselves from the costly downstream effects of fraud, risk management and compliance staff must first understand the various methodologies in use by current fraudsters.

Threats include procurement fraud, account fraud and theft of assets, just to name a few. To address these threats, shareholders and board members will want to see a robust risk-based strategy in place by the organisation’s executive team.

 Beyond the implementation of the risk-based approach, this program explores international research, industry-specific examples and red-flag indicators so that this crime can be recognised early and resolved effectively.

Without specific training, multinational corporations run high levels of risk in their financial crime compliance programs.

The CCT (Fraud) program can be implemented with the following components:

  • Digital textbook
  • Computer-based training (customisable and SCORM-compliant)
  • Examination
  • Multiple languages
ManchesterCF | CCT – Fraud
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