CCT (Human Trafficking)

Human trafficking produces enormous sums of illicit profits for criminal groups. If compliance staff are able to detect and report financial intelligence to the authorities, the exploitation of minors and other victims of human trafficking can be greatly reduced.

By recognising potential financial patterns of human trafficking, risk management professionals at multinational corporations can provide law enforcement with the information needed to prosecute offenders.

Through the cultivation and analysis of financial intelligence, risk management and compliance staff can spot transaction patterns related to possible human trafficking and domestic sex slavery.

Compliance staff who have received proper training can detect patterns in financial metrics and data that can help link victims to their captors. These links can form key components of a law enforcement investigation and the recovery of exploited victims.

The CCT (Human Trafficking) program can be implemented with the following components:

  • Digital textbook
  • Computer-based training (customisable and SCORM-compliant)
  • Examination
  • Multiple languages
ManchesterCF | CCT – Human Trafficking
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