FIU CONNECT (Wildlife Trafficking)

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About Course

What Will You Learn?

  • Through detailed case studies, examples and red flags, the
  • FIU CONNECT (Wildlife Trafficking) training program advises
  • participants on suspicious financial patterns that may indicate
  • the illegal trade of wildlife.
  • The illegal trade of wildlife produces enormous profits for
  • transnational criminal groups. Blurring the origins of the
  • proceeds of wildlife trafficking, storing the funds safely and
  • making them readily accessible are key goals for professional
  • money launderers.
  • Yet the same money laundering activity offers an opportunity for
  • financial institutions and others to report suspicious transaction
  • reports to financial intelligence units, hopefully leading to
  • investigation and prosecution.
  • The illegal trade of wildlife often supports a wider network
  • of criminal activity. These illegal practices are most frequently
  • enabled by corrupt politicians and officials who will turn a
  • blind eye to the illegal transport of wildlife products as well
  • as the movement of weapons or the trafficking of humans.
  • History has shown that the proceeds of wildlife trafficking can
  • be used to resource terrorist groups.
  • To combat the illegal trade of wildlife, financial intelligence
  • must be gathered from a variety of sources. If compliance
  • professionals at financial institutions are able to detect and
  • report on suspicious transactions to the authorities, the
  • exploitation of animals can be greatly reduced.
  • Graduates of this course can apply to receive a verified digital
  • badge issued by Credly which can be shared on social media
  • platforms.

Course Content

Module 3: Wildlife Trafficking – Detection and Prevention

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