FIU CONNECT (Wildlife Trafficking)

  • Duration 3h
  • Last Update October 8, 2021

About Course

Through detailed case studies, examples and red flags, this training program advises participants on suspicious financial patterns that may indicate the illegal trade of wildlife. The illegal trade of wildlife produces enormous profits for transnational criminal groups. Blurring the origins of the proceeds of wildlife trafficking, storing the funds safely and making them readily accessible are key goals for professional money launderers.


Topics for this course

4 Lessons3h

Module 3: Wildlife Trafficking – Detection and Prevention


Material Includes

  • 1. Wildlife Trafficking
  • 2. Highly Targeted Species
  • 3. Laundering the Proceeds of Wildlife Trafficking
  • 4. Links to Other Crimes
  • 5. International Guidance
  • 6. Detection
  • 7. Reporting
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