MCF NFT Certificates.

Individuals who have successfully completed specific FIU Connect training can now register to receive a unique, authentic NFT certificate of completion from ManchesterCF.

NFTs are rapidly becoming the standard for assuring the authenticity of diplomas and professional certifications.

Obtaining ManchesterCF certification in the form of an NFT means that achievements are permanently stored on the Ethereum blockchain and can be verified anywhere at any time by anyone with an internet connection.

Once minted, NFT certificates can never be changed and will always exist on the Ethereum blockchain. ManchesterCF will mint the NFT certificate of completion then send it to the Ethereum wallet address provided by the recipient. Recipients will receive the NFT certificate in their own cryptoasset wallet. Once received, the recipient can share their NFT certificate on social media and use it as a reference point to validate the credential earned!

You can purchase your NFT certificate of completion by clicking on one of the links below. The name you use to register your payment at BitPay is what will appear on your certificate.

The Financial Intelligence Specialist NFT Certificate of Completion

The FIU CONNECT (Cryptoassets) NFT Certificate of Completion

The FIU CONNECT (Human Trafficking) Certificate of Completion