As technology and financial instruments become further entwined, new regulatory conditions must be established.To combat the increased use of cryptoassets for illicit means, intelligence gathered by a variety of sources is necessary. Compliance staff at financial institutions must be made aware of their risk-based due diligence obligations especially as new technologies evolve.

Without specific training, financial institutions run high levels of risk in their financial crime compliance programs. In partnership with Elliptic, ManchesterCF offers the FIU CONNECT (Cryptoassets) training program which sets out to examine the current virtual asset landscape and identify weak points where nefarious actors may try to strike.Financial institutions, financial intelligence units and law enforcement must offer current training on major financial crime risks and methods, including cryptoasset transactions.

Through detailed case studies, examples and red flags, this course advises participants on suspicious financial patterns that may indicate the misuse of cryptoassets for financial crime.The technical advisor overseeing the development of this training program is Amber D. Scott of Outlier Solutions Inc. Amber has decades of experience providing anti-money laundering consulting services and strategies.


Fundamentals of Cryptoassets

Privacy and Anonymity Enhancement

Blockchain Analysis

Illicit Typologies

Cybersecurity and Hacking

Emerging Cryptoasset Developments

The FIU CONNECT (Cryptoassets) training program can be implemented with the following components:

Digital textbook

Computer-based training


Multiple languages

Certificate Program Available

FIU CONNECT (Cryptoassets) is one of the 14 modules available from ManchesterCF that can be used towards the Financial Intelligence Specialist (FIS) designation jointly accredited by ManchesterCF and the University of New Haven. By completing 12 FIU Connect modules within a three-year period, an individual can acquire the FIS designation for life; no annual fees or CPD. Learn more here.

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Enrol in the FIU CONNECT (Cryptoassets) course, or register for the Financial Intelligence Specialist program HERE.

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