To combat money laundering, terrorist financing, proliferation financing, corruption & financial fraud

Study from home by taking online financial intelligence training. During this time of physical distancing, you can access digital textbooks, computer-based training and examinations online to enhance your professional credentials. Scroll down to learn more.

Online financial intelligence training provides critical information to financial institutions, financial intelligence units and investigators on how to spot potential money laundering, terrorist financing, financial fraud, corruption and national security threats.

Modules include a digital textbook, computer-based training and examination. Each training module from ManchesterCF is created in HTML5 viewable on any current desktop, laptop and tablet computer. Content can be modified and adjusted to suit a financial institution’s risk assessment requirements.

ManchesterCF training programs are created from an international perspective and are in use in major financial centres around the world. Modules are updated after major political, economic, legal and regulatory events.

Courses available through FIU Connect identify the financial crime risks within international banking. Modules also address specific compliance areas for financial intelligence units in both the private and public sectors. The Front Office Training series consists of streamlined courses for frontline sales people and senior management. First, second and third lines within a financial institution can all receive training from the same source.

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