ManchesterCF delivers online training to employees of financial institutions, financial intelligence units and law enforcement agencies through its online training solution, FIU Connect.

Registered users can continue to quickly and seamlessly access the FIU Connect training materials to deepen their knowledge of AML/ATF compliance through a modern and intuitive navigation experience.


For True Professionals


Global Specialists in Financial Intelligence

ManchesterCF provides online financial intelligence training programs to financial institutions, public-sector agencies and multinational corporations.

Course components hosted on this platform include:

  • Digital Textbook and Video Infographics
  • Computer-based training
  • Examination
  • Reference library

Once registered, users can access the training materials with their own login ID and password to deepen their knowledge of AML/ATF compliance.

Individuals may also apply for the Financial Intelligence Specialist (FIS) designation by taking 12 FIU Connect courses within a one-year period.

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