Economic Crime – who pays and who should pay?

September 5th to 12th 2021

The Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime is unique. It is organised by some of the world’s leading educational and research institutions with the involvement of numerous governmental agencies, the judiciary, the professions, compliance bodies, and the business world. It provides a forum for the practical analysis and discussion of the real threats facing our world as a result of criminal and subversive activity. The Symposium is run on a non-profit making basis – its primary objective being to promote meaningful co-operation in the prevention and control of economically motivated crime and misconduct. — Mr Saul Froomkin OBE QC, Chairman of the Symposium

FIU CONNECT (Cryptoassets) Demo Webinar

February 9th 2021 – 10:00AM EDT

Join ManchesterCF in this demo to exploring the launch of FIU CONNECT (Cryptoassets) certification program . It will be the only university-recognized cryptoasset compliance online training program available globally for financial institutions, crypto businesses, financial intelligence units (FIUs), and law enforcement.

Follow Money Fight Slavery 2021 Summit

January 28th 2020 – All day

The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative is combating global human trafficking by promoting corporate social responsibility through increasing awareness, facilitating intelligence integration and technology advancement, and encouraging strategic data collaboration.

In this virtual summit, we bring together BSA Officers, Financial Crime Investigators, Regulators & more to promote corporate social responsibility through increasing awareness, facilitating intelligence integration, and using strategic data collaboration.

Learn more here.

2020 CMSBA Canada Fall Conference

December 1st and 2nd 2020

The Canadian MSB Association Fall Conference is back! For the first time ever, this year it will be online!

The conference will take place over two half days and will give you a chance to learn and find out what is new in the industry, while learning new subjects that will help your business from the comfort of your home! Our online platform will also provide you a chance to network with your peers online.

Eric Hansen from ManchesterCF will be one of the speakers for the event, check out the speakers list here.

Offshore Alert vGLOBAL

December 7th to 11th 2020

ManchesterCF is a gold sponsor of #vGLOBAL2020, a virtual conference on intelligence and investigations for stakeholders in high-value, cross-border finance. Five days of live and on-demand sessions, Q&A, video networking, product demos, and interactive booths for clients, investigations, investors, and providers all over the world to learn, meet and conduct business.

Join us and register today!

Financial Intelligence Specialist Overview

November 10th 2020 at 10:00AM to 10:30AM EDT

Join ManchesterCF virtually for an overview of the Financial Intelligence Specialist designation and learn about what it has to offer. This is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions regarding the course content, designation and enrollment.

Register here

The Knowledge Series by TCAE – Wildlife Trafficking

November 7th 2020 at 10:00AM to 11:00AM EDT

TCAE is excited to invite Kim Manchester, Managing Director of ManchesterCF for a discussion on the black market and illegal trading activity surrounding wildlife trafficking.  Proceeds of wildlife trafficking are, in many ways, similar to other forms of illegal proceeds: a launderer has to detach the funds from its source, store and transport the funds in a safe manner and make them available for the benefactor(s). Financial institutes are key stakeholders in monitoring and capturing potential trafficking cases and can play important roles in the investigation and termination of such criminal activity. Join us for an in-depth conversation about the trafficking methods and possible transactional red flags.

TCAE 1 Year Anniversary Celebration and Halloween Party

October 31st 2020 at 11:00AM to 1:00PM EDT

Toronto Compliance & AML Events (TCAE) is turning one and they want to celebrate this occasion with you! No matter where you are in the world, they would like to invite you to join them and have some fun.

What should you expect?

  • Have a chance to network (virtually) with many Compliance & AML professionals around the world
  • Playing a game
  • Having fun
  • Win a prize!


ACAMS Northern California Chapter October Virtual Event: Combating Wildlife Trafficking

October 26th at 12:00 to 1:00PM EDT

Please join us on National Financial Crime Fighter Day for our second virtual learning event of the year.
In June, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) published its report on Money Laundering and Wildlife Trade. According to FATF, illicit wildlife trafficking is a major transnational crime that generates billions of dollars in illicit profits every year. To discuss this important topic NorCal ACAMS invited an esteemed group of expert panelists to present their unique perspectives within the Combating Wildlife Trafficking ecosystem.

A Week of Dialogue – What’s Wrong with Canada by TI Canada

October 26th – 30th 2020 at 12:00 to 1:30PM EDT

Is Canada, which flaunts its clean reputation as a rule of law-based country, taking anti-corruption seriously enough?

Please join our Managing Director Kim Manchester and other guest speakers in a week-long series of webinars that will explore this question from multiple perspectives, and discover what we can even learn from peer countries.

Check out the recorded segment HERE.

SIBOS 2020

October 5th – 8th 2020

Sibos 2020 is an exciting digital thought leadership event. It will go ahead on the original planned dates, October 5th-8th 2020 and continue the conversation with monthly digital sessions and content through to Sibos 2021 Singapore.  We look forward to seeing  you there.

Find more details HERE.

The RegTech Pulse Podcast – Episode #20: The Importance of Financial Crime Training in Trade-Based Money Laundering

September 19th 2020 – Available online now!

The RegTech Pulse examines the latest industry and technology trends that help organizations fight financial crime. Each week industry experts across the world join the conversation to discuss their insights and share best practices.

In this week’s episode Kim Manchester, Managing Director of ManchesterCF, joins RegTech Pulse to cover The Importance of Financial Crime Training in Trade-Based Money Laundering (TBML). Kim discusses with us why industry trends and developments’ proper understanding is critical to combat TBML, and subsequently why additional intelligence functions in both, the private and public sectors, are key to stay on top of the ever changing regulatory landscape.

How NOT to Conduct an AML Risk Assessment Webinar

September 9th 2020 at 10:30AM EDT

Thank you for joining Sarah Beth Felix and ManchesterCF on September 9th 2020 for the discussion on methods that can be used to improve AML risk assessments.

The presentation used is available for download HERE.

Follow our Eventbrite page for future events and webinars.

FIU Connect includes the following modules:

FIU CONNECT (Trade-Based Money Laundering)

The FIU CONNECT (Trade-Based Money Laundering) program provides training on how financial institutions can spot patterns of money laundering and terrorist financing in international trade.

FIU CONNECT (Correspondent Banking)

The FIU CONNECT (Correspondent Banking) program is designed for correspondent banking sales, payments operations, risk management, audit and AML compliance staff to strengthen their defences against financial crime.

ManchesterCF | FCT – Private Banking

FIU CONNECT (Private Banking)

The FIU CONNECT (Private Banking) program is designed to place critical knowledge into the hands of private bankers to recognise the potential patterns of financial crime.

FIU CONNECT (Capital Markets)

The FIU CONNECT (Capital Markets) program provides in-depth training to front office and back office staff on recognising and defending against financial crime vulnerabilities.

Fundamental AML for Financial Intelligence Units

FIU CONNECT (Fundamental AML)

The FIU CONNECT (Fundamental AML) training program strengthens staff knowledge by placing a cornerstone of knowledge about AML/ATF in place.

Economic Sanctions

FIU CONNECT (Economic Sanctions)

The FIU CONNECT (Economic Sanctions) training program advises participants on the purpose of sanctions, the consequences of non-compliance and methods that can be used to detect and mitigate sanctions risk.

Corruption for Financial Institutions

FIU CONNECT (Corruption)

The FIU CONNECT (Corruption) training program examines real-life case studies and looks at prevention tactics to protect financial organisations from the threat of corruption.

Terrorist Financing

FIU CONNECT (Terrorist Financing)

The FIU CONNECT (Terrorist Financing) training program has been developed to assist financial services firms bolster their defences and prevent misuse by people or entities linked to terrorism.

Critical Thinking for Financial Institutions

FIU CONNECT (Critical Thinking)

The FIU CONNECT (Critical Thinking) training program has been developed for AML/ATF compliance, corporate security and risk management professionals to strengthen the analytical capabilities of financial investigators.

Human Trafficking

FIU CONNECT (Human Trafficking)

The FIU CONNECT (Human Trafficking) training program advises participants on suspicious financial patterns that may indicate potential human trafficking through detailed case studies, examples and red flags.

Report Writing Link

FIU CONNECT (Report Writing)

The FIU CONNECT (Report Writing) training program helps participants understand the purpose and uses of reports and offers techniques on how to eliminate extraneous or irrelevant details when reporting.

Financial Intelligence for Environmental Crime

FIU CONNECT (Environmental Crime)

The FIU CONNECT (Environmental Crime) training program advises participants on suspicious financial patterns that may indicate the trafficking of illegal environmental resources.

FIU CONNECT (Wildlife Trafficking)

The FIU CONNECT (Wildlife Trafficking) training program provides detailed case studies, examples and red flags, advising participants on suspicious financial patterns that may indicate the illegal trade of wildlife.

FIU Connect is accessible around the world, 24/7. All modules are encoded in HTML5 and viewable on any current laptop, desktop or tablet computer. Contact for more details.

Your privacy is important to us. ManchesterCF does not sell your private information to any third party. The ManchesterCF privacy policy is available at

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