ManchesterCF’s FINTEL Online series provides individuals with quick access to FIU Connect modules. Cost per course is CAD380.00. If your organisation is purchasing more than a few courses for groups in excess of a dozen users, please contact for better pricing terms.

Access to FINTEL Online is granted to employees of supervised financial institutions and public-sector agencies as vetted by ManchesterCF. Payment is made by credit card and then access is immediately granted for a three-month period. To apply, fill out the form below.

All FINTEL Online modules include computer-based training and digital textbooks. Completion certificates can be sent upon request via email to those who achieve a passing grade in excess of 80%.

For an individual licence of access for three months, the cost per course is CAD380 (approximately USD298 | EUR247 | GBP220 | JPY30,979 | AUD387 | CHF266 | HKD2,313 | SGD397).*

*Applicable taxes will be added at checkout.

FINTEL Online Training

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This training is eligible for GCAL credits from the Great Chatwell Academy of Learning. See each course for the amount of CPD credits that can be earned.

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FIU CONNECT (Trade-Based Money Laundering)

The FIU CONNECT (Trade-Based Money Laundering) program provides training on how financial institutions can spot patterns of money laundering and terrorist financing in international trade.

FIU CONNECT (Correspondent Banking)

The FIU CONNECT (Correspondent Banking) program is designed for correspondent banking sales, payments operations, risk management, audit and AML compliance staff to strengthen their defences against financial crime.

FIU CONNECT (Private Banking)

The FIU CONNECT (Private Banking) program is designed to place critical knowledge into the hands of private bankers to recognise the potential patterns of financial crime.

FIU CONNECT (Banque Privée)

Pour la plupart des banques privées internationales, la gestion du risque du crime financier n’est pas juste une obligation réglementaire.

FIU CONNECT (Capital Markets)

The FIU CONNECT (Capital Markets) program provides in-depth training to front office and back office staff on recognising and defending against financial crime vulnerabilities.

Fundamental AML for Financial Intelligence Units

FIU CONNECT (Fundamental AML)

The FIU CONNECT (Fundamental AML) training program strengthens staff knowledge by placing a cornerstone of knowledge about AML/ATF in place.

Economic Sanctions

FIU CONNECT (Economic Sanctions)

The FIU CONNECT (Economic Sanctions) training program advises participants on the purpose of sanctions, the consequences of non-compliance and methods that can be used to detect and mitigate sanctions risk.

Corruption for Financial Institutions

FIU CONNECT (Corruption)

The FIU CONNECT (Corruption) training program examines real-life case studies and looks at prevention tactics to protect financial organisations from the threat of corruption.

Terrorist Financing

FIU CONNECT (Terrorist Financing)

The FIU CONNECT (Terrorist Financing) training program has been developed to assist financial services firms bolster their defences and prevent misuse by people or entities linked to terrorism.

Critical Thinking for Financial Institutions

FIU CONNECT (Critical Thinking)

The FIU CONNECT (Critical Thinking) training program has been developed for AML/ATF compliance, corporate security and risk management professionals to strengthen the analytical capabilities of financial investigators.

Human Trafficking

FIU CONNECT (Human Trafficking)

The FIU CONNECT (Human Trafficking) training program advises participants on suspicious financial patterns that may indicate potential human trafficking through detailed case studies, examples and red flags.

Report Writing Link

FIU CONNECT (Report Writing)

The FIU CONNECT (Report Writing) training program helps participants understand the purpose and uses of reports and offers techniques on how to eliminate extraneous or irrelevant details when reporting.

Financial Intelligence for Environmental Crime

FIU CONNECT (Environmental Crime)

The FIU CONNECT (Environmental Crime) training program advises participants on suspicious financial patterns that may indicate the trafficking of illegal environmental resources.


If you would like to subscribe to a FINTEL Online module, please contact us using the following form. If you are an approved user, we will contact you shortly after receiving your information.

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    FINTEL Online programs deal with subjects such as money laundering, terrorist financing, transnational criminal organisations and national security threats. ManchesterCF reserves the right to deny access to its training programs to individuals who are not currently employed by effectively regulated financial institutions.

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