Financial Intelligence Specialist.

The Financial Intelligence Specialist (FIS) designation from ManchesterCF and the University of New Haven in Connecticut can be acquired by individuals who complete 12 FIU Connect modules over a one-year period. To apply for the FIS certification program, there is a one-time registration fee of USD2,388.  For a limited time, you can apply for the FIS program at the reduced cost of USD2,388. Invest in yourself. An average grade of 80% from 12 completed modules is required for accreditation. There are no yearly membership fees, re-certification demands or continuing professional development requirements.

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The Financial Intelligence Specialist (FIS) designation program acknowledges the specialised skills individuals gain from the suite of FIU Connect courses.

Certification details:

  • 12 FIU Connect modules
  • All online 24/7 in HTML5 – laptop, desktop or tablet
  • 80% average grade per course
  • Certificate from ManchesterCF and University of New Haven, Connecticut
  • Digital badging on LinkedIn profile from Credly

FIU Connect is accessible around the world, 24/7. All modules are encoded in HTML5 and viewable on any current laptop, desktop or tablet computer. Those who have successfully completed 12 modules will be emailed a certificate, issued by both ManchesterCF and the University of New Haven in Connecticut. Graduates will also be able to post the FIS digital certificate on their LinkedIn profiles demonstrating to peers that they have acquired the FIS designation. Contact for more details.

FIS Designation.