Corporate Compliance Training

For multinational corporations operating in the global marketplace, a weak compliance regime can evolve into an expensive reality. Risk management professionals require proficient and current training that can extend across time zones to spot risks and navigate the uncertainties of daily operations. The Corporate Compliance Training (CCT) series from ManchesterCF can protect your organisation by bolstering the knowledge and resources of the compliance function.

ManchesterCF’s CCT series is delivered via computer-based training and digital textbook. An examination is included with each course. Hosted on the firm’s learning management system or on an LMS managed by ManchesterCF, training material updates can be distributed to global offices in an instant. User performance is tracked. Analytical tools offer senior managers the ability to track implementation and uptake. In short, there is no other practical training solution.

The programs in this series can be translated into a variety of languages.

Modules can be branded and adapted to reflect the international business of each client. Custom variants are developed on a case-by-case basis.

ManchesterCF’s CCT series contains the following five training modules:

Fundamental AML for Multinational Corporations

CCT (Fundamental AML)

The CCT (Fundamental AML) training program will strengthen the knowledge of risk and compliance professionals at multinational corporations and put the cornerstone of a durable and adaptable compliance regimen in place. 

Corruption for Multinational Corporations link

CCT (Corruption)

The CCT (Corruption) training program examines real-life case studies and looks at prevention tactics to protect multinational corporations from the threat of corruption.

Fraud for Multinational Corporations

CCT (Fraud)

The CCT (Fraud) training program advises staff on the methods fraudsters use so that they can raise alerts, report suspicions and reduce the frequency and cost of fraud within their organisations.


CCT (Terrorist Financing)

The CCT (Terrorist Financing) training program has been developed to assist multinational corporations bolster their defences and prevent misuse by people or entities linked to terrorism.

ManchesterCF | CCT – Economic Sanctions

CCT (Economic Sanctions)

This training program advises staff at multinational corporations on the purpose of sanctions, the consequences of non-compliance and methods that can be used to detect and mitigate sanctions risk.

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