wildlife trafficking

Image - The importance of eradicating the illegal wildlife trade

The Importance of Eradicating the Illegal Wildlife Trade and Preventing Future Zoonotic Disease Pandemics

Many people perceive wildlife trafficking as a victimless crime . In reality , the illegal trade of wildlife can victimise everyone . Wildlife trafficking and the addendum black market that sustains the illegal trade of wildlife products hampers biodiversity , threatens the livelihoods of people , and impacts national security and economic development.

Image - Future Direction of United for Wildlife task forces

Future Direction of United for Wildlife Taskforces

The United for Wildlife Taskforces have been operational for 3 years, with Transport launching in 2016 and Financial in October 2018. The role of the Taskforces have developed, having previously been focused on convening the key organisations and partners who can assist in combatting the trafficking of illegal wildlife products from source to destination, and the financial flows associated with it.

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